About Our Company

Msika265.net is an online one-stop shop for choice products and services modeled after the African open-air markets- where sellers pay for stalls to sell their goods, while buyers walk around looking for suitable goods to buy. It is a platform that provides sellers and buyers the mutual opportunity to sell and buy products and services in a safe and secure environment.  It is an online market place for willing sellers and buyers to engage. It provides unmatched space and comfort for shoppers. The vision of the platform is to provide customers with a truly online space for genuine trade. It is to provide a virtual market place where any product and service is sold and bought securely. For those with limited physical space, Msika265.net provides an inexhaustible expanse of virtual space to display and sell their products. For start-ups, Msika265.net is the stage for modern enterprise to premier and thrive.  For well established businesses, Msika265.net is the place to optimize their brands. In other words, Msika265.net is “our market”.

Like a physical market space in Africa, Msika265.net is structured into different sections otherwise known as “categories”. Sellers display and sell their wares in the appropriate categories to maximize impact. Msika265.net has an internal search engine to help locate the specific category that a buyer or seller is interested in. Under each category there are sub categories allocated to specific goods and services within a broad category. Msika265.net is designed to not only give a thrilling but a truly fulfilling shopping experience.

How to Navigate

Msika265.net is an open market space for everyone. The first step is to join the market. This is a simple process that involves filling out an information sheet and accepting specific data privacy conditions. One can even join using their social media account! Once registered, you can now navigate the market – as a buyer or a seller. You will have access to all or the specific products on display in the market. You can engage in window or actual shopping through the different product categories in the market. That is the fun of an African market after all! Once you are in the market, invite others to join the market by sharing your link to your contacts on Facebook or other social media platforms. The more the merrier!! Let us go to Msika265.net.

To sell products on the platform, you will create a seller’s profile. This makes use of the personal data entered previously while also requiring further details. Depending on the category in which the seller is to trade, common details required include location of business, phone number and an alternative contact of the seller. More details may be required depending on the category of business. Overall, this is meant to ensure all players in this market are protected. Once registered as a seller, the next step is to choose the category of the market that you are interested in, then place your products on the market. This is done using specific details prescribed in the market. All products in the market must have a price tag, the units of such product available by the specific seller and a traceable contact address for the seller. Once all details are entered into the platform, the seller will be asked to pay for the space by selecting one of the packages provided. Once the payment is received and acknowledged by Msika265.net, the product will go live and be accessible to the shoppers. Prospective customers will contact the seller directly without the use of an intermediary. This is the strength of the African open air market which does not use proxies!

It gets even more interesting for the shoppers. You will be able to make an offer for a product of interest to you!  It gets even better: a shopper will have the rare privilege to share a product profile found on the site with someone else so as to draw their attention to it. The platform will also show when someone else is viewing the same product or, in the case of a rental facility, it has been paid for and therefore not available. All this will be in real time. For houses and related properties, an automated Google Map will be provided to show where the facility is located. This will enable a prospective tenant to travel to the site to both verify and view the facility.

Pop Up and alerts

Msika265.net will cull products of interest to you and ensure you can see them whenever logged in. This is a free service that helps to remember something that you may need.

More Services

Msika265 Plus

Like the physical market, Msika265.net offers retail and wholesale space for sellers to sell their products and services. Sellers interested in medium to long term rental space “kiosk”/”stall” can open an account where they will manage their portfolio directly. Under a strict vetting system, Msika265.net will provide a business “stall” to clients so they can market their products directly.

Msika265.net is part of the Midas Management Concepts business ecosystem.

For more information please feel free to contact us at hello@msika265.net